I’m sitting in my office watching the storms roll in across the ridgelines west of town.

I had the natural thought that, just as it always does, this storm, regardless of how bad or violent it gets, will eventually pass on and the sun and warmth – will not return – but will no longer be separated from me by the storm.

The sun is always there. But storms get in the way sometimes.

Immediately, the Spirit of Heaven applied that to my life.

The storms of life that I experience are able sometimes to come between God and me. But they pass … He and we remain!

The challenge we experience today is a storm, nothing more.

It may be a violent one and it may alter the landscape of our lives as storms in the natural sometimes do. Or, for all its violence, its only permanent effect may be to teach us how to bend before the wind and to provide an excess of water for a later drought.

Storms come and burst against our house and then move on. It’s what storms do.

We remain because our house is built on the rock and not the sand. It’s what we do …

He and we remain … when we pass through the waters they will not overwhelm us …

Be at Peace …

For the display of His splendor