I had a dream last night. One that I remembered at least. This seems to be happening rather often these days. Which is significant because I haven’t remembered my dreams for over 30 years.

I was watching the scene of a gathering of men dressed in 18th Century garb seated around a table. A group of young men led by an older man and doing Kingdom work: visiting the sick and imprisoned, feeding the hungry and preaching the gospel.

The meeting was for the old man to give individual assignments to those at the table.

One man, Will (pun intended as we always have a choice), was to bake bread for distributing to the crowds at a later assembly. I never saw the assembly but understood the bread distribution was done at a small table with a banner hung above it.

The banner was small, faded and orange with the image of a loaf of bread on it. It was understood there was bread there for anyone hungry. Not just any bread, though … It was the Bread of Life.

I was particularly drawn to the banner It seemed a vital part of the dream.

Will seemed accustomed to being assigned this task. So much so it seemed he was starting to identify with it. More importantly, he saw those around him were starting to identify him with it, too. He did not care for the association.

This following conversation is not an exact quote. Rather it’s the impression I had of the hearts of the men involved.

After being assigned the task yet again, Will said, “Ol’ Will don’t think he’s gonna do that today … bake your bread. Seems lately like that’s all he’s good for … baking your bread. Nowadays, when people go looking for ol’ Will, if they see him at all, all they see is a little loaf of bread.”

When he said “all they see is a little loaf of bread,” I became aware of two things.

The first was a small, plain, linen, oval banner. Will’s image was on it,  but it also carried the image of  a loaf of bread. I took it to be the same banner from the serving table …

Second was the nature of the banner. It was like those novelty stickers kids have with two pictures in one image. Peter Parker and Spiderman. Clark Kent and Superman. From one angle you see one image; tip it to the side and you see a different image.

Sometimes when you looked at the linen banner you saw Will. Sometimes you saw the Bread.

Without pausing, the man gave Will the assignment again. He observed, “It’s your job Will, if you want it. I know it doesn’t seem glamorous or very important. I mean, compared to what some of the others do it may even seem a punishment. Certainly nothing to tell your family and friends about or invite them over to see or help with. Nothing to be proud of and maybe something to be tired of or even ashamed of.

But it’s a matter of perspective, Will … and that perspective will define how you prepare, how you work and ultimately your position and success. It will determine how you value the work.

At this point in the dream the old man offered an alternate perspective for Will to apply to his assignment. That perspective was the Lord’s application of the dream to my life and how I knew the dream was of the Lord…

He stopped, fixed his eyes on Will and quietly said, “Will, the value of a thing is determined by your perspective of it. You can be ashamed to invite your friends to “Come look at my bread in His oven!” or you can be excited to invite them to join you and “Come distribute His bread in my world!

And then I woke up …

You can be ashamed to invite your friends to “Come look at my bread in His oven!” or you can be excited to invite them to join you and “Come distribute His bread in my world!”

What place are you in right now and how do you view it? Do you see it as a forever thing with no connection to your gifts and dreams? Or do you see it as a place of preparation with other assignments to follow? Do you connect your future tasks to how well you do or don’t master this task? Are you willing to be be associated with it, particularly with doing it well?

I know what the Lord is saying to me in this. Beware of contempt for the familiar. Understand that all I am asked to do, I will be doing as a co-laborer with Jesus so all my assignments are important. What is my heart about the things He assigns me to do? Am I willing to be associated with it, particularly with doing it well? Finishing well is just as important as starting.

I invite you to consider what He may be saying to you wherever you find yourself in this season of life.

For the display of His splendor …